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24.02.2005, 21:46
Alright, seriously, this is such a bitch.

I have tried EVERYTHING to get Doom 3's 2nd disk problem to work, but I can't. No matter what I do, I can't get it to work...

If someone could write me like, a step-by-step list for Alcoholer and Alcohol 120%, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance to whoever helps...

21.09.2005, 17:24
Mmhh, is there a problem with CD #2?

I made images with Alcohol using the Safedisc 2/3 Preset. The game runs fine right from the image. CD #1 is needed to play.

No problem!

May you tell us more details...

23.09.2005, 08:55
Did you try it with Game Jack???

23.09.2005, 11:48
Really, no problem to play from a image made with Alcohol !

You know that DT doesnґt want to see that, isnґt it :mrgreen:

26.09.2005, 07:53
Oh,i didnt know it. sry :wink:

09.02.2006, 04:07
Ok, I used Daemon Tools and it during the installation CD 2 would not work. I then proceeded and used Alcohol 120%, I mounted and it didn't work so then I went to the Image Making Wizard and I made an image, I then mounted that image on Alcohol and then on Daemon, and nothing worked. I used securerom 2/3 when making it, can anyone help me out I'm really in a dilemna here.

09.02.2006, 11:02
What error appears with CD2 ?