View Full Version : Making Playstation ISOs

23.01.2003, 22:17
I want to make iso's of my Playstation cd's to play with an emulator, but cant get any to work. I dont think its a problem with the emulator, its a problem with the ISO. I used WinISO. Anybody know how to do this then, and if Daemon Tools can assist in any way? I also have NeroBurn but couldnt figure out how that would help

23.01.2003, 22:40
Create an image with CloneCD or Alcohol, mount the image in Daemon Tools, and play with emulator - check in emulator preferences whether you have to change the drive option, i.e. the drive the emulator checks for cd to play.

24.01.2003, 00:26
Thanks, but what Im looking to do is create a stand-alone ISO with the music and video ripped out -- so something that would work even if you dont have Daemon Tools. It cant be very complicated, but none of my attempts have worked with the emulator (ePSXe)

24.01.2003, 09:38
Could cause lots of problems - and why do you want to do that?
There are copy protected PSX games, which will fail for sure with your way, others could fail if you rip important things, e.g. audio tracks or movies.