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24.01.2003, 05:33

One of my American friends sent me the 2nd season of The Sopranos on DVD as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia, my DVD player is out of region and I cannot play them.

Is it possible to create a DVD image file, then mount it in a daemon-tools virtual DVD drive that has had its region set to USA? If so, what is a good program to create DVD images with?

Failing that, is there any other way to get around the region protections?

Thanks for the help

PS Sorry if this question is in the wrong forum or is about a banned subject.

24.01.2003, 05:55
PS Sorry if this question is in the wrong forum or is about a banned subject
Nope, this is not a banned topic and is fine for forum choice (maybe post in off-topic might be better)

I know of a software that elby (author of clonecd) has, called dvd region free or something. It supposedly hides/disables the region.

A program called DVD Decryptor also does something to decrypt dvds and such. I really don't know much about either proggies though. Maybe someone else can be more informative.

24.01.2003, 09:33
If you want to check your drive, get a RPC1-firmware, and tools like RegionFree or DVD Genie to get your DVD software region free, the place to go is RPC1.org (http://www.rpc1.org).
DVD Decrypter is a good solution if you have enough space on your hdd, but if you just wanna play the DVDs on your PC get your DVD drive RPC1.

24.01.2003, 19:15
I use DVDdecrypter: It remove the region protection, the macrovision prot. and the CSS protection. Then i mount on the virtual drive and i can see the movie without any noises on the background.

Then, if you have also a DVD.burner, you can use a program like DVDxCopy to split and burn them on two DVD-/+R(W)

28.01.2003, 10:57
Thanks guys. I was able to find some patched firmware that solved my problem. :D

Just for future reference, how does one make DVD ISO's? Does DVDdecryptor do it?

28.01.2003, 11:28
Yes, it does it. Don't forget to switch it to ISO mode (not File mode).