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24.01.2003, 21:41
When I use alcohol to make an image, it creates 2 files. One is MDF, one is MDS. MDF is the large one so I am guessing that stores all the data in one file from the CD. what is the mds file and why can't daemon-tools directly mount the MDF file instead of MDS? I know that I tend to direct mount the .BWI ( blind write file ) instead of the .BWA and it works.

24.01.2003, 22:14
The difference is, that Blindwrite .bwi is normal iso, if it contains one track only (which works for most PC games);
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.mdf contains all data including subchannel-data (Blindwrite creates extra file for subchannel-data). The .mds, .bwt or .bwa are track-info-files - you should mount these files only, so all tracks will be available.

25.01.2003, 00:27
You are wrong - you should tend to mount BWT and MDS.;-) Copytrooper is right - BWT and MDS are the most important files which describe layout of tracks on CD and their main characteristics.