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12.11.2002, 22:25
Does anyone know how to convert .NRG files from Nero to .ISO files? I downloaded FCD but it doesn't seem to recognise .NRG files. :( I have Nero and used it to create an image of an audio CD, I wanted to be able to listen to it while I was using the CD player for a software CD. I'm Not really interesed in having MP3 files since my PC keeps stuttering while playing them under heavy processor loads. At least an audio ISO doesn't stutter. However, none of the cd emulators like Daemon Tools will read .NRG files. :(

Alternatively, is there any chance of Damon Tools mounting .NRG images in the forseeable future?

12.11.2002, 22:31
Nero images ARE supported! Just install Nero Image Drive and you can mount .nrg-images ...
if you donґt want to have both Daemon and Nero Image Drive virtual drive(s) run regedit and set "NumberOfUnits" in HKLM\Enum\Root\SCSIAdapter\0000\Parameters to 0 ...
ensure that the SCSI-Adapter in that registry entry is "NERO IMAGEDRIVE SCSI Controller"

15.11.2002, 04:38
I've tested CDmage - software for converting and scanning/checking
errors on images and (even repair)
supports many types of images
including Nero .nrg

Click on this link http://cdmage.cjb.net to go to
CDmage homepage.

11.12.2002, 21:56
hey copytrooper
i havent found this reg-key
which win do you use?
im using xp
is there another key in xp?

11.12.2002, 22:01
Just do a search for NumberOfUnits and check in the ґdirectoryґ above (usually 000x) which controller the Parameters-ґdirectoryґ (with the NumberOf Units-entry) belongs to - if the DevDesc entry is Nero ImageDrive SCSI Controller youґve the right one ... this how it is in Win9x - donґt know about XP.

14.12.2002, 19:29
I just installed Nero ImageDrive on another computer, and thereґs indeed no more NumberOfUnits-entry ... well, itґs the second DWORD in HKLM/Enum/Root/SCSIAdapter/000x/Parameters (ensure 000x "DeviceDesc" is "Nero ImageDrive SCSI Controller") - this entry is called "ghfff" on this computer - just set it to 0 and reboot.

16.12.2002, 23:35
It is stored inder HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Imagedrv\Pa rmeters.
Change this value and reboot.

21.12.2002, 13:15
thx i found the one venom said and it works

17.05.2003, 20:21
UltraISO is a good tool to do such things, too!!!

25.06.2003, 02:31

WinISO can help you to turn .NRG to .ISO


03.07.2003, 16:53
Hi, I have an OEM version of Nero, where do I get this Nero Image Drive?

03.07.2003, 18:04
C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Misc\NeroImageDriveInst.exe

04.07.2003, 05:08
Hmm, doesn't have it, guess it doesn't come with mine 8( Anywhere I can download it? Also thinking of purchasing Nero 6 when it comes out, any comments on 6?

04.07.2003, 13:59
Imagedrive comes with the update at nero's site (www.ahead.de). Nero 6 comes out july 18. I'm planning on getting a demo when it is released.

05.07.2003, 11:11
Thanks all for the help, managed to install the latest update for nero and install imagedrive and set Daemon Tools to mount .nrg files as well, thanks!

14.12.2003, 15:37
interesting..... thanks... :)