View Full Version : Daemon-Tools Auto-Mount problem

25.01.2003, 00:51
I can not make D-T Auto-Mount run. Please let me know what
am I doing wrong.. Here's what's happening:
I have recently downloaded DTAM 1.002 and installed it on an
XP platform. Unfortunately I am having problems making it run.
When I create a shortcut to mount a CD image and run a game
the following shortcut appears:

Target: "C:\Program Files\Daemon-Tools Auto-Mount\DTAM.exe" 1
Start in: "C:\Program Files\Daemon-Tools Auto-Mount"

However, when I click on this shortcut nothing happens. Interestingly
enough, when I "test" the entry from within DTAM, everything works
perfectly. I use the latest Daemon-Tools.

If you know what is the cause of it and how to fix it, I would appreciate
your advice.

25.01.2003, 01:07
Please do not post questions about addons here. A newer version of DTAM is available, called DaemonScript (check my signature for download location).