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09.03.2005, 02:00
I can play the game using my original disc.
So I make a IMG file using BlindWriter and tried reg method in this forum.
But it can not work, because the game can detect BlindWrite Autoplay and then reject to start.

09.03.2005, 11:00
Those registry tweaks are only for avoiding the blacklistings of Alc or d-tools.
You can try to deactivate 'Patin couffin engine' in device manager or you can try the tool Antiblack 1.13 (choose X-Prot as 'Kopierschutz') LINK (http://www.spielebrennen.ch/downloads/Tools.htm)

12.03.2005, 00:32
I tried your methods, both can not work.
I found another big problem:because I replaced my CDROM with latest Sumsung Combo Drive, my original disc can not pass the disc check!
Error message is:
"Can not authenticate the original disc within time limit".
When I use my old CD-ROM drive again, the problem disappeared.
I tried Jowood's CD support tool on my new drive, the test passed successfully.

It seems serom can not supprot my new Combo drive, it is terrible!

12.03.2005, 09:17
JoWood uses additional selfmade protection, which probably causes the problem.

13.03.2005, 10:59
Because my poor old CD-ROM drive is going the end of his life(3 years). :(
So I decide to try again,I made a image file using BlindWrite Suite with my original CD, and then mount the image file using d-tool 3.47, this time I got some a little progress:
1. I disabled the ACL of the SCSI daemon drive for administrators, then tried to start the game.
2. if I enabled RMPS option, the error messsage was:
"#122 pls disable RPMS option".
3. If I disabled RMPS option, the error message was:
"Error while verify the CD. this problem can occur on older CDROM-drves.Please run the CD support tool from the startmenu and check the Readme file on the topic 'Electronic CDKey'."

I think this problem could be solved by D-tool.
If so, thank you very much;if not, I think I have to wait for the next version.
I checked my original CD using A-Ray scanner, the SECUROM version is:,,

13.03.2005, 11:39
Maybe a stupid question (sorry ;)):
You have used a valid BWA-file, havn't you ?
BWA (http://copybase.ch/PHPV2/Database/Dpm.Download/952) for 'Shadow of the phoenix' (euro Version, don't know, whether there is a difference to other versions)

13.03.2005, 12:44
I tried all 4 bwa files from your link although I cannot understand Russian totally. :twisted:
But they can not work, it looks like I have to wait for the next version of d-tool