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09.03.2005, 23:26
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: CloneCD 5, Alcohol 120% trial 1.9.2, RecordNow DX 4.60
Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I have purchased a student version of MatLab but it requires the CD be in the drive to run. I us a laptop at school and the CD isn't likely to last long. I had hoped to create an image on the hard drive but havn't been able to get it to work. ClonyXXL tells me that the copy protection is SafeDisc 2 however, reading DAEMON Tools Help I find a list of files that should be on the CD. A search only finds 00000001.TMP. The others don't seem to be on the disc. Alcohol 120 says that it has capabilities for SafeDisc 3 but when I launch MatLab it still ask for me to put in the disc. One final bit of information, I have a DVD drive and a DVD+/-RW drive and MatLab will not recognize the CD in the DVD+/-RW drive. Any suggetions before I scratch the original beyond recognition?

10.03.2005, 04:15
yes, please use the search-function and enter safedisc 2
This problem is well discussed already. If MatLab contains indeed
SafeDisk2 (and the file you mentioned is part of that protection) then
it should be no problem at all. Just don't forget to install from vdrive

10.03.2005, 05:20
i'm suspecting that it's not safedisc 2 despite ClonyXXL. i have made images of other disc and had no problems. also, the files CLCD16.DLL, CLCD32.DLL, CLOKSPL.EXE which are apparently part of safedisc 2 (see safedisc in daemon tools help) do not seem to be on the matlab cd. i have tried a varity of image formats and copy options but matlab will not recognize the virtual drive. the post i've found on this forum with similar symptoms have been of little use in finding a solution. any other suggestions.

10.03.2005, 08:37
The files you mentioned were part of SafeDisc1, not SafeDisc2.

10.09.2006, 05:40
This is a year late, but I got it working (sort of) so maybe this will help someone.

The problem with student Matlab is you can put it on a virtual disc, and even install it from the virtual disc without errors, but when you try to run it, it checks the physical CD drive for the original CD.

I tried renaming the CD drive letters in various ways, but I couldn't find any combination that worked. (I thought that Matlab might be checking the "lowest" CD drive letter, but no; somehow it's checking the physical drive(s) and not the virtual drives).

Finally I went to the hardware device manager tree, selected the physical CD drive, right clicked it, and chose "disable". That did it! Matlab now starts up properly and checks the virtual drive for its copy protection.

Bummer that you lose the physical CD drive, but after Matlab has started, it -looks- like you can immediately re-enable the CD drive and Matlab will keep running, but I haven't checked this extensively.

Hope this helps someone. OT, student matlab is very cheap; buy it and support the company. I just want it on a virtual drive because I've misplaced the original CD once too often (usually the night before homework is due.)

17.10.2006, 16:49
i've exactly the same problem. But the strange thing is, some weeks ago it works perfectly without disabling the real drive.I did -as far as I know- no changes on my configurations, and from on day to on other it doesn't work anymore. Now it is so like you discribed, and I found no other solution. But I think this solution is very uncomfortable especially when one is working without Admin-rights.
So I hope we can find an other workaround.

PS.: Sorry for my english

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