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16.03.2005, 21:19
Im sure you have answered this question before but i couldnt find it in the forum..
i have the cd version and just recently someone stole my play disk and left the install cds..
i had just got a new computer built and running and i installed the install disk on it.. the onbly problem is that i dont have the play disk.. my friend hooked me up with a image made with nero i believe and when i mount it and go to run it i get a wierd message that says something like this.. Disk is not the original disk.. please insert original disk. go to like a securom.com/code or something and it says that the original disk not there..
Can anyone help me with this problem of what i should do
thank you to all in advance

17.03.2005, 02:31
Umm why dont you just patch UT2004 to the actual Version ? They removed the cd check in their first patch.

Patch can be downloaded here.

17.03.2005, 13:42