View Full Version : XP hangs after DT installation.

17.03.2005, 08:08
Operating System: Win XP SP2
Burning Software: not installed yet
Anti-virus Software: no
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Installation went fine and I was asked to boot my computer. After boot the startup hangs after Windows XP loading screen to a black screen just before login. It does the same thing with safemode.

I hava a dual XP system and I removed the driver files from System32\drivers folder through the working XP. Tried to start normal mode but it hanged, but after that I managed to boot to safemode.

In safemode I removed PnP BIOS Extension from Device manager and the registry keys pointed in http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2287. The SCSI controller wasn't there.

After that I restarted and system hangs in normal mode and safemode.

Funny thing is that the working XP on my system has the same Dtools version and is working perfectly.

There's no minidump.

While writing this post I left my other computer to the hang up while trying to boot to normal mode and after 10 or so minutes it switched the screen to blue Windows is starting screen and has stayed there for 5 min. The HD light blinks every now and then. I'll wait a little more and see what happens...

17.03.2005, 10:35
got frustrated.. reinstalling...