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17.03.2005, 14:34
I got it to get by the first problem of emulation stop now it is saying that i need the original disk similar to my ut2k4 problem its fixed and now i just have to get this game working any ideas.. I have tried that regedit and it gives me a non original copy error and then it stops....

19.03.2005, 17:25
The "regedit" trick (if you are talking about the same trick used in http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=4146) does work.
If not, maybe you have missed a step, and try again following carefully the instructions.

24.08.2005, 08:06
wrong thread :(

18.09.2005, 05:31
I edited the registry just like the stupid thing said. And it still gives me the wrong cd message <.<. I (think) i made the daemon.bak a system file (in the run box, attrib +s +r c:\windows\daemon.bak) What am i missing?
(My file is DoW_DVD iso format)
PS i also tried quick mount and that didnt work. Still getting wrong cd error..