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26.01.2003, 20:01
I need help backing up my copy of this game. I took an image with CloneCD using the Protected Game profile and the game runs fine from a mounted image ok. But I'm buggered if I can make the game run from a backed up CD-R. All the other SafeDisc games I've backed up run from CD-R without problem but this one will not. The CD-R copy is either not recognised by the game or causes it to crash during the protection detection phase, the game runs fine from the original CD.

This is a 2 CD game, one for install and one for play. Both discs have a file called '00000001.TMP' in the root directory but it is not accompanied by 'CLCD16.dll' or 'CLCD32.dll' or 'CLOKSPL.exe' as in other SafeDisc games. I am running XP with a TEAC CD-W524E drive.

Any suggestions? Cheers.

26.01.2003, 20:31
SafeDisc2 uses so-called weak sectors, which your writer can not write perfectly, so try CloneCDs amplify weak sectors function, or use Daemon Tools fast dump feature to create an image, write image to cd-r and play with enabled SafeDisc emulation. You can also try Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-software.com).

26.01.2003, 22:19
Thanks, I did another copy using the 'FASTDUMP' feature. It's funny, the copies I did earlier (with amplify weak sectors) are now working and I haven't changed anything. Yes I did try Alcohol 120% and the copies I did with that are now working too, perhaps the reboot sorted things out. Oh well 5 CD-Rs to back up 1 CD :(.

28.01.2003, 04:22
Just thought I'd comment that the US version 1.1 patch of GTA3 removed Safedisc (now an ordinary CD check).
Patch is available from Take2 at http://www.take2games.com/index.php?p=support