View Full Version : Will be possible someday to mount *.img or *.dmg MAC Images

27.01.2003, 11:15
Hi guys
Thanks for the best app

My problem is that i have my PC connected on WEB and sometimes i need to burn DMG or IMG images of MAC here.
How can i mount this images...
Will it be possible to DT someday mount this images...
Is there any app that burn this MAC type images in PC... In toast they're shown as HFS+CD-ROM type...

Thanks very much in advance

27.01.2003, 21:50
Most likely not. To support image types we need the image specs and also the OK of the burning soft manufacturer. Moreover I doubt there are many people who need support of these image types - and as we have a lot of other work .......

10.02.2008, 22:12
:D If u guys are able to make .dmg mountable that would me awesome

11.02.2008, 14:11
What's the point of making Mac images mountable on a PC? You can't run the program under Windows, so why should they bother? I'm not being facetious, I'm quite serious. I do not understand.

12.02.2008, 06:08
Wow... This was a post over five years ago... :confused: Mincus must have very deeply dug for it. :rolleyes:

I have a bit different idea from the topic starter: To burn an image, it is not neccessary to mount the image.

Moreover, just imagine that a physical mac disc is inserted into a physical optical drive, this is not useful in Windows because Windows Explorer does not recognise the disc, it just refuses accessing the disc...Well, unless there is a translation tool (ie HFS reader) in between. Nevertheless, it is still not much useful as the files cannot be executed in Windows...Well, also, unless there is a virtual machine stays in between.

However, this use is not popular at all, if I were the developer, I should put this job as a very low priority.