View Full Version : Cannot get rid of virtual drives

24.03.2005, 20:34
Operating System: win 2k sp4
Burning Software: NTI v7
Anti-virus Software: NAV 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I tried to install SP4 but it kept complaining atapi.sys in use. Uninstalled DT v3.47 (this may have been upgraded without unmounting drives) but two virtual drives stubbornly appear in the CDROM hardware profile. Tried uninstalling these drives but they just keep coming back. I don't understand how these drive can exist without DT being installed.

Now DT will not install, says that something is wrong with the hardware.

Whats going on?

24.03.2005, 20:48
v3.47 should NOT lock atapi.sys - do you have Alcohol installed?
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove Daemon Tools manually, reboot after the procedure.

26.03.2005, 18:09
Thank you!

Followed the thread info - no more problem.

It seems I installed DT 3.47 without uninstalling 3.46. This left the 3.46 drivers still running under a phantom 3.46 install. Don't really know how this happened - I was hoping that DT does an uninstall before a reinstall - perhaps not. SP4 ran Ok.

The whole thing started when DVD Alien vs Predator auto loaded and tried to install something - Windows complained that a core file had been overwritten and that SP4 should be run.

26.03.2005, 18:20
Previous version should be un-installed automatically during update, if it fails there's a problem on your system. Anyway, good it works now.