View Full Version : Make own DVD Protection with normal hardware

25.03.2005, 15:39

i think that is an interesting to make a own dvd protection for your dvds.

Hwo have informations about this?

Make - OWN - DVD-Protection

25.03.2005, 17:40
Easy, encrypt every DVD you make with AES256 and an unique key and hope that nobody will share theirs.

Joking aside, from the above you could clearly see why non-hardware DRM will never work: if you make a small game and sell it to somebody you will need to give him/her both the ciphertext (encrypted DVD) and the key to decrypt the DVD.

I suggest reading about old protections used on floppy disks, some of them were quite good like burning holes to the disk with a laser, inventing custom disk formats, storing data between tracks and checking timing to see wheter debuggers were loaded etc.

However, every single one of them were broken - most required only a few NOPs.

26.03.2005, 03:30
this board is for sure not the right place to ask how to create a new
protection for DVD's. Use protection-manufacturers boards for that kind of
stuff. I would like to add: