View Full Version : mouse lock with daemon-tools

27.01.2003, 21:10
hi!!! I do not obtain to understand this error. I have one pentium 3-600 with a Microsoft-keyboard (usb)e always I perceived that after to install daemon-tools, when pressuring some keyboard key of the type caps Lock, in a Lock, etc, I observed that the hand of mouse is stopped for an average time of 1 second and if I pressure again, this time always is equal. I only obtain to decide the problem, that is to remove daemon, thing that I do not appreciate.


ps: excelent program!!!

27.01.2003, 22:48
What mouse do you have (PS2, USB?). What manufacturer and type and what driver version do you use?
If you use USB mouse - they normally come with a USB/PS2 adapter - try using it as PS2 with the adapter, this may help.
You say the problem is gone if you uninstall DAEMON Tools????

28.01.2003, 00:38
After installing daemon-tools, is your mouse the only thing that is slow? Or is your whole computer slow in general?