View Full Version : Daemon tools is installed but locked...

26.03.2005, 11:21
When I run a certain game, i get this error message: "Daemon tools is installed but locked. Please install daemon tools and restarat application." The thing is, that when I got this error for the first time, i didn't even have daemon tools installed, i was using Alcohol 120%. I tried unistalling Alcohol, then instaling d.t., uninstalling it, reinstalling them both, and the game... nothing worked, so I hope somebody's got a solution for me! Tnx!

26.03.2005, 11:31
If you get that message with Knights of Honor update to latest patch, and bug their support as this crap is "bug" in their crappy protection.

27.03.2005, 17:10
Actually, it's Ski Race 2005 featuring Hermann Maier.

27.03.2005, 17:13
And it says tu unlock DT, not to install.