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28.01.2003, 04:16
It appears Daemon Tools may not support the Win32 API command MCISendCommandA (audio / multimedia read);
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which showed up in the CD check for a game I obtained recently; while I'm not sure if this will become more popular I thought you might want to know about it. (This is not a real "protection" as the game accepted a CD-RW burned with Nero without any emulation). Thanks for all your great work with Daemon Tools, I appreciate not having to worry about losing my discs!
(On a side note, I would like to register my copy of DT, however shareit rejects my paid yahoo.com email address, which several of us use for everyday and even business purposes (my internet does not come with email);
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so any information on alternate registration would be appreciated.)

31.01.2003, 09:45
MCISendCommand is high level API and Daemon does not depend on it.
What game uses such check?

31.01.2003, 18:33
Please mail me under swenske@daemon-tools.com regarding registration. Maybe we'll find a different way.