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28.03.2005, 05:27
I've searched the forum but didn't find a direct answer to this.

Is it possible to create an ISO image of a CD using SecuRom protection (in this case Warcraft III) and have it work? I've been able to get it to work by using MDF and Alcohol, but I'd rather have an ISO and use D-Tools.

Is this possible, or do you have to use something like Alcohol or Blindwrite?

28.03.2005, 05:37
Bend me over and call me Spanky.

So D-Tools can mount MDS files, I didn't realize this. I guess making the image in Alcohol isn't too bad then and I can dump the virtual drive it creates.

That said, does anyone here know how to add the Daemon Tools context menu item to MDS files like it is with ISOs?


12.05.2005, 21:35
You mean so it shows the Daemon-Tools icon when you look at it, and when you double click on it, it mounts?? In that case, I don't think it is possible, but who knows?? Certainly its not my place to say what is possible and what is not in this universe

12.05.2005, 22:06
Correction, you can mount the image by Double Clicking. Here is what you do. Create a folder in C:\ called IMAGES. Then create the image of the game and store it in this folder. For this example, lets call the image my.mds. Now, goto the Daemon-Tools folder, and right click on daemon.exe, and left click create shortcut. Now, in shortcut properties, type the following in the textbox target:

"C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"c:\IMAGES\my.mds"

Now, double click on the shortcut and it should mount. Now every time you click on the icon, it will mount the image file. If the image file requires emulation, lets say safedisc emulation, all you have to do is add -safedisc on to the end of the target textbox, so it should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"c:\IMAGES\my.mds" -safedisc on

Now it mounts the image with safedisc emulation turned on. If you want to turn on securom emulation, add -securom on, and for laserlock -laserlok on.

What I like to do is keep all my shortcuts on my desktop, and I name each on something like War3(Image). Then, I switch the icons of the shortcut to that of the game icon. You can change the shortcut icon by right clicking on the shortcut->properties->change icon->browse... and from there you select
the icon you want the shortcut to look like. Now all I do when I want to switch images quickly is double click on the shortcut and it mounts the image.

Hope you can understand all that

Enjoy, hope its useful to someone.

20.05.2005, 11:17
Check the 3rd party addons in the Downloads section. You'll find a billion right-click mounting programs there :). I personally use awxDTools.

11.06.2005, 20:19
i dont know if i understood you right but you ask if u can make an image of wc3 an play with it? if yes, yeah you can, u also do just need the maingame to play the add-on after installing it the "warcraft 3 - reign of chaos" cd/image is able to start also the add-on

13.06.2005, 09:26
Nothing against Third-Party stuff for that but i still find it so much easier (and way more customizable) to use built-in Windows 'folder-options' and VBScript for that...