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02.04.2005, 14:28
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton Internet Security 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47 I think

Harddisk: Maxtor Diamondmax 9 Plus 80 GB SATA under NTFS

Hi all, ive got a serious WinXP problem and i think daemon causes it.

One a nice sunny afternoon I booted up my pc and after the loading at the windows logo screen it restarted, while normally you would go to the login screen. Now this ended in a boot loop.

Last known good configuration wont help, the same problem occurs. System recovery and windows xp setup both freeze when examing my hard drive. I cant get into DOS on my harddisk because my harddrive is NTFS.

Also I cant get the disk working on another computer (also with SATA) when I boot from the other harddisk and my HDD is connected as secondairy HDD its freezes at the same spot where it would restart with only my HDD.

So there is simply no way to get into Windows. Or even to get on my harddisk. I used this recover program called Active @ Unerase (www.ntfs.com) and it shows all files are still on the drive but I cant copy / backup them to another disk.

Now when I use Safe Mode with command prompt it loads all kinds of drivers but reboots when loading D347bus.sys. When I press ESC to stop loading this file it will reboot also. Now this file belongs to daemon tools doesnt it?
I can format my HDD by using Killdisk, but I dont want to do that cause there are some extremely important files on my Harddisk. I need to back them up first. Ive been looking for days to find the problem or to recover my files but nothing helped.

Can you guys please help me? Thanks in advance :)

02.04.2005, 15:15
Boot with your XP cd, go to recovery console, login to your Windows installation (you'll need to enter administrator password), then go to Windows\System32\Drivers directory and rename/delete Daemon Tools driver files (d347prt.sys and d347bus.sys), then reboot. If it still fails, cause is not Daemon Tools. If it works un-install via control panel -> software, if un-installation fails check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove manually.
Also check if you've minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) related to such crash. If so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

02.04.2005, 15:39
I'd love to rename/delete the DT drivers but I cant get into recovery console, because when I press the key to go to the recovery console my computer freezes when when examing my hard drive. Same problem with trying to enter the Windows Setup. :(

02.04.2005, 15:50
Were you asked for the 3rd party SATA drivers?

02.04.2005, 15:59
Yes and I installed them from the floppy. I made the floppy with the mainboard driver cd.