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02.04.2005, 19:00
Operating System: 98SE/XP
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: AVir
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

Well, it's not exactly a real problem, it's more of a 'beauty error' :D ('Schönheitsfehler' for german-speaking ilk). I know it's my fault - i did rename daemon.dll (and patched daemon.exe accordingly) - i do believe that's the source of that problem - i got this XPpro system on which i once updated, once reinstalled, and then once again reinstalled DT - always renamed the .dll after installation - and always forgot (NO! Do NOT ask :D to re-rename before updating/reinstalling... well i now got 3 (three!) 'PnP BIOS Extensions' on that system, first two would give exclamation marks if not deactivated (which works), i cannot remove them via hardware manager (this will hang the system completely and give no change on reboot), but since the third one is of the active installation, looks/acts normal, and DT is working flawless... well that's why it ain't a real problem, but i would appreciate any hints (nope, ain't a guru on things like that) how to remove those leftover 'PnP BIOS Extensions' if standard removal attempts (via Device Manager) just plain won't work(see above)?

02.04.2005, 19:05
1st learn your lesson:
Don't play around with tools for adults :!: :mrgreen: :P

02.04.2005, 19:23
and prolly second tell me sumptin' i didn't learn to know already? :D