View Full Version : A question that I am unable to solve.

04.04.2005, 23:36
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: VERITAS RecordNow DX, Version 4.11
Anti-virus Software: avg
DAEMON Tools Version: none. Yet.

I recently installed the Alcohol 120% demo, but it did not meet my needs, so I uninstalled it.
I would like to try Daemon tools, however every attempt to install a similar CD emulation program has been wrought with failure.
I cannot get Windows to recognise new virtual drives at all. Everytime I try to reinstall any divers, it tells me that the drivers are invalid. Is there any way to remedy this?
Thanks in advance.

05.04.2005, 09:25
Check in device manager what drivers are installed (if any) for the virtual devices.

05.04.2005, 22:14
So I installed Daemon Tool 3.47 now and I think I could explain my situation best with a picture. http://img171.exs.cx/img171/3749/hardwareinstall7ag.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)

I find this odd because I have full administrtive privleges on my computer.
If I try to install any drivers, I am told that they are invalid, no matter what type I try to install.