View Full Version : Windows XP Pro x64 ( 64 bit ) FINAL released! (Build 1830)

05.04.2005, 00:50
Just wanted to let everyone know that the final build (build 1830) or 64-bit XP has been released to manufacturers (RTM).

I have it, it works great. Except for D-Tools of course :-(

Hope this announcement helps some of the beta testers or something.

05.04.2005, 14:43
Yeha it has been released for about a week now. Looking forward to a x64 compatible version of Daemon Tools

27.04.2005, 11:15
winxp x64 cannot run the 32 bit soft??

27.04.2005, 11:29
Windows XP x64 is very well capable of running 32bit software, or so claims Microsoft.

But what it's not capable of is using 32bit drivers. That's a limitation Microsoft openly states on almost every product page of their x64 OSs.

Daemon Tools uses a driver to create a virtual drive, but that driver is a 32bit one, thus the incompatibility. Daemon Tools v4 is currently being developed and nearing final status, and the new version will support Windows XP x64. Until then, you'll unfortunately have to wait, there's no quick fix to make a 32bit driver 64bit-compatible.

And to prevent the flood of questions this might - well, most probably will - spawn, v4 will be released 'when it's done', we're not willing nor going to say anything more specific. Sorry, but developing software takes its time if it is to be a stable, fully working product. We want it to be that way, and I think you'll all want it to be that way too, right?

So, I'm sorry but the only thing you can do is wait for the next release. But I can assure you it'll be worth the wait... :)

13.07.2005, 07:13
windows xp 64bit doesnt run on my computer :@ :| :(

14.07.2005, 17:03
Is this a joke?
If not, call your OEM, or Microsoft if bought the software from them.

27.07.2005, 02:32
i got a problem. i installed win64 and i also dual booted 32. i had this keyboard i used to install both of them and set a password for only 32. the keyboard died, so when i bought a new one, i cant get into 32 because of the password. the keyboard isnt reconized. so when i go into 64, which doesnt have a password, the keyboard is reconized, but i cant install the drivers because its not compatible with 64-bit. so can anyone help me to get into 32 without reinstalling it. thanks.

27.07.2005, 03:11
Interesting, I've never tried to install drivers without being logged on to windows. Can't you plug in a PS-2 (mini-DIN) keyboard? Can you talk any of your friends into letting you borrow their keyboard for a few hours?

p.s. Installing windows 64-bit doesn't seem to have anything to do with your problem.

27.07.2005, 04:18
yeah i have tried PS-2 keyboards lying around the house and also another microsoft usb keyboard. it still cannot reconize it on the user screen. it can reconize it in the bios. nothing is working so i think im going to have to re-install 32.

27.07.2005, 04:33
What about safe-mode for windows. Is your keyboard still unresponsive in that mode?

Does a PS/2 mouse work at the logon screen (GINA) ? What if you plug your keyboard into the other input (colors are usually pink and green)? Maybe one of your computer's PS/2 ports failed.

You could try the /bootlog switch in boot.ini but I'm not sure people in this forum would be experts in interpreting that log file.

Your windows 32-bit and 64-bit are on different partitions, right?

29.07.2005, 02:06
yeah i tried everything. every port and the PS/2 port works in 64 bit. the 32 bit windows doesn't know i have a PS/2 port because i never used one. so all those keyboards don't work and in safe mode, you still need a password and the keyboard isnt reconized. so i think ill just have to suffer and re-install windows. thanks for your help anyway.

09.08.2005, 01:15
Well that answered my question. I've been using this program for a few months and it is really great! I just upgraded to 64it and now I can't wait till v4 releases! Keep up the good work!

09.08.2005, 03:07
Diablo66, sorry for replying so late, it took Pantiras bumping this thread to the top to make me see it again. I'm sure this won't help you but I just want to go on the record as saying that I've never heard such an absurd thing as "the 32 bit windows doesn't know i have a PS/2 port because i never used one." I just don't think that is the way Windows behaves.

I would now do a google search for instructions on changing your Windows password using a boot-cd (I've done it before and it works).

Also, there are some programs for accessing your computer via the network.Sysinternals (http://www.sysinternals.com/) has aPSTools (http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/PsTools.html)suite that can remotely install exe files and run them (look for a program named PsExec). Systemtools.com's Hyena (http://www.systemtools.com/hyena/index.html) tool can control the screen and mouse like pc anywhere/VNC/citrix/terminal services/remote desktop and can be installed remotely over the network.

12.08.2005, 09:44
Seconded, blank your password using a boot cd or floppy.