View Full Version : My CD-RW Drive is gone

05.04.2005, 00:52
Operating System: XP Media Center Edition
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free
DAEMON Tools Version: Uninstalled

I recently noticed that while I had Daemon installed my CD drive was gone. After uninstalling it I had a drive called AVX SCSI DVD. I dont have a DVD drive, just my CD drive. I uninstalled plug and play bios extension and the drive went away, as I read that in another forum support post. Now I cant get my drive back. Windows doesnt even see it as ne hardware. I am at a loss as to what to do. I cant get a driver for it as it is a lite-on and their webpage shows the driver as a "Windows Provided" driver. What do I do to get my CD drive back? Please help. I tried doing an XP repair and that didn't help at all.

05.04.2005, 09:22
That AXV drive was Alcohol's virtual drive, not Daemon Tools.
If there's no driver installed for your CD-RW (in device manager), but it's present in device manager, click install drivers and point to cdrom.inf in (hidden) windows\inf folder. Otherwise try to shutdown, disconnect your CD-RW, boot into Windows, shutdown again, re-connect CD-RW, and boot again -> Windows should re-detect it.
Also check if there are some other filter drivers installed for your CD-RW, which could cause problems.