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05.04.2005, 20:28
Hi, I'll get right down with my problem. I'm not sure whether this was a coincidence or related to DAEMON Tools,but it happened when I unninstalled it (as it had served my needs).

Anyway, I'm not sure why but my DVD Drive does not work when I insert a disc into it. As soon as a disc (game or dvd) enters the drive, it dissapears from My Computer and will not open. The only way I can open the DVD Drive is by restarting the computer and opening the drive then (or i can manually open the drive). I''ve tried everything on microsoft, and nothing works, I re-installed DAEMON tools and nothing happened.

So, I was wondering if anyone could help me.


P.S My friend reminded me I have a DVD-Rom game on the way, so I'm kind of in a rush. :wink:

Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong section.

11.04.2005, 11:18

Have you tried Uninstalling and then re-installing the drive?

16.04.2005, 12:16
yes, but it turned out to be broken, I removed it from the pc, and it basicly fell apart, so, I got a new one. And it works fine.

Thxs Anyway