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07.04.2005, 19:30
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0 Free
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

First, let me thank you all for this great piece of software. Amazing work. :)

Second, I have a problem: I changed my DVD burner for a new LG, and the guy who installed advised me to change the jumper, so this DVD burner would be master in the secondary IDE, instead of slave (as the other was). I restarted windows, everything was fine, and then after a few moments ir crashed. Now Windows won't boot up, not even in safe mode. :( It will stop when loading d347sub.sys (or something like that), boot again, and on and on and on.
It seems Windows went crazy when it detected the drives were exchanged, detected the new hardware and messed things up. It seems Daemon tools now is asking to use the same letter as the real DVD burner (at least I am thinking this is the prob) and windows crashes...
I have a second Windows installation for emergency in another folder, but is completely clean, nothing installed, only windows - it will boot up normally but I don't know how to repair the full installation.
Besides deleting the windows folder and installing again, is there a way to open the registry or other system files and delete the references to this driver, when in the "clean" install, probably using only notepad only? Which files to edit in order to stop this driver from being loaded into memory, in the first place? I read the guide that recommended to uninstall, but I can't get into my main Windows installation. I deleted the Daemon folder, but deleting the Daemon .sys files in the Windows folder will be enough to make it work again, since Windows will probably keep asking for the files when booting?
Please, help me!

Thanks in advance.

07.04.2005, 19:41
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove Daemon Tools manually. Reboot after the procedure.
Note that (if you've two drives, i.e. master and slave on the same IDE channel) you can't just change the drive from slave to master without changing the other drive from master to slave! Both drives won't work as master on the same IDE channel.

07.04.2005, 20:42
Thanks, I will try it (when I get home).
Both jumpers were changed, so this will not be the problem, it is probably Windows getting crazy because the drivers were exchanged and Daemon must be trying to use the same letter as one of them. It already happened once, and I had to delete the folder and install everything again - not a good solution in any case, especially when all my data is still there with no backup done. I will try to delete the files manually and pray it works. :)

07.04.2005, 21:09
Daemon Tools does not assign the drive letters itself, but Windows does. So if Windows tries to assign drive letter over already existing drive mapping there's nothing we can do against it.
But usually Windows uses lowest availabe letters in case of changes, so change Daemon Tools drives to higher drive letters, e.g. V: and above.

08.04.2005, 00:46
Ok, I was able to login in my clean windows dir and delete the .sys files. Windows rebooted fine and I uninstalled D-Tools with no problem. Time to install again... :)
Thanks for the help, and keep bringing us new versions of this great tool! Maybe with starforce support, who knows? :lol: