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07.04.2005, 20:33
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Is there any way to set up a user to be able to mount an image without giving them admin rights in XP pro?
I have set up users as power users and added power users to most group policy user rights (as well as admin) but I still cannot mount an image (Rome total war .mds file).
I certainly do not want my kids to have full admin rights of the PC but is that the only way to mount the image? (I guess it is because of the protection?) I also do not want them usinng the original cd after ruining another recently.
Thanks for any assistance.

07.04.2005, 21:11
Unfortunately most game want/require admin rights to run.

09.04.2005, 08:30
DT itself does not require admin rights to mount image - the problem is in games only.

09.04.2005, 18:36
Not all games require Admin rights, but Rome: Total War is one of them, unfortunately.