View Full Version : Question about unistallation of Daemon tools

09.04.2005, 09:47
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I had a system with windows me and i installed daemon tools to check an iso. Then I formatted the system and started the installation of windows xp.
Now the installation hangs at the hardware detection (every time). Is it possible that the virtual drive used by deamon tools is not removed and makes the installation crash because there is no driver for it or is there something wrong with my computer?

I just wanted to know, i can't find any information about this.

09.04.2005, 10:08
If you did a format, there's nothing left of any previous installation.
Or did you upgrade ME to XP?

09.04.2005, 10:18
no i did not upgrade, i just thought the installation of daemon tools might have done something with the bios. I know that might be stupid but daemon tools uses something called bios pnp extension. I have no idea what that does :)
so i guess there is really something wrong with my computer