View Full Version : Daemon Tools doesn't start

09.04.2005, 14:19
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: eh just what comes with windows xp?
Anti-virus Software: norton anti virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

Ok no matter what I do, whether i right or left or double click on daemon tools nothing happens.... What am I supposed to do? Am i doing something wrong?

Can someone please walk this through me in baby steps? :P

09.04.2005, 14:21
Oh, btw, Im trying to "mount" something. whatever that means..

10.04.2005, 18:44
If you start Daemon Tools (which should usually happen automatically at Windows Startup), there will be no window or anything opening, the only thing you can notice is a system tray icon, which you can right-click on to get a context menu.

Do you see this icon?

The system tray is the area in the lower right corner of the screen, it has several icons for programs running in the background as well as a clock.