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12.04.2005, 03:50
Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4
Burning Software: BlindWrite 5 (
Anti-virus Software: Grisoft / AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I just bought Civ3 (i know i'm late since Civ4 is coming out soon) and i'm trying to make an image out of it to be able to play it using DT as I always do for all my games.

But as you probably figured out, I have a problem.

I'm using Blindwrite 5 to generate the image (using SafeDisc 2x/3x profile but also tried with the default "Automatic Detection" profile) but then when I load the image into DT and try to access the drive it gives me the error message "Incorrect Function".

Since I just changed my DVD drive recently as well as upgrading as bunch of softwares that are or might be related to the DVD ripping process (updated BlindWrite 5 to the newest version as well as DVD Decrypter but that should not be related) I figured it might be because of new hardware or software installation that makes it unable to read the disk properly.

So I made sure everything was rebooted properly and tried again with the same results. I also tried from my girlfriend's computer where nothing changed and the version of BlindWrite was still the same and still got the same error message.

I believe this is a DT problem/bug in this case because from one of my image generated from BlindWrite, I was able to burn it back to a blank CD and install/play the game using that CD without any problems.

Anybody was able to make a working image of Civ3 (the original) using BlindWrite and DT? Would you mind to share your tricks? :)

I was and am still able to rip and play my other games such as Warcraft III/Jagged Alliance II/Heroes Of Might & Magic/Myst III - Exile/etc

My current DVD-Recorder drive is an LG / HT-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A101

Let me know if you can think of anything else I should try! (or if they are any known issues with DT/BlindWrite Images that will have to wait until the next DT release)

Thanks for your help.

15.04.2005, 04:31
Finally after trying different profiles in BlindWrite 5, I was able to make a working copy.

I used the "ISO" profile and it seems to work perfectly without even having to turn the emulation ON in DT.

I wonder if the ISO mode of BlindWrite is any different from the ISO mode I would get say from UltraISO? or WinImage?

Hopefully some other people will find this useful. :)

15.04.2005, 04:35
Just as a note though. Is there any current logging capabilities in DT? Or any debugging tools to see what work is actually being tried/done when we get a certain error message?

Would definitely boost the support capacity of outsiders willing to help the poor man in search of answers. :)