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14.04.2005, 12:05
I've just got my Fifa Soccer 2005. I have a few questions i need to ask since i'm such a noob at this. :oops:

1. I'm trying to use Alcohol 120%, do i click image making wizard?
2. and when i do.. it just says disc read error at: something number.
3. Since the game comes with 2 discs, do i have to get both images? or do i just need the image that starts the game?(Disc 2)

Thanks in advance for the help.

15.04.2005, 13:43
In Alcohol, as in most other programs, there is a button called "help". If you click that and look around a bit, you'll find every single one of your questions answered.

Please, people, read the help! We're really busy here with all the support requests, and it is just annoying to have to answer the same answers over and over again. There is a great manual/help file, there are FAQs in the Alcohol forum... Read them! There are few questions that are really innovative, just expect your question to be already answered.

And, by the way, this is the Daemon Tools support forum, not the Alcohol 120% support forum. If you have questions about Windows XP, you don't call Apple Support for help either, do you?