View Full Version : Daemon tools handling audio PREGAP or INDEX 00 wrong?

15.04.2005, 16:33
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: Plextools Pro Xl
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I recently ripped Natalie Imbruglia's 'Left of the middle' album, using Plextools XL, using single wav file, cue file generation.

The last two tracks came out like this:

PREGAP 00:01:45
INDEX 01 42:31:15
PREGAP 05:00:22
INDEX 01 52:05:32

The wav file contains all the tracks up to track 11, which is 4:34 in duration. After that, there's 5 minutes of silence, followed by track 12.

When I mount this with daemon tools, it does the opposite of what was intended. (AFAIK) Instead of track 11 showing up as 4:34, it shows up as 14:34. Instead of subtracting the pregap from the size of track 11, it adds that amount to the silence in track 11..

I haven't been able to find any documentation on how exactly PREGAP/POSTGAP are supposed to work with a single wav file.

Regardless, I did read some where that another way to do pre/post gap is to user INDEX 00 to denote the start of a pregap inside a wav file. So I changed the cue file to:

INDEX 00 42:29:45
INDEX 01 42:31:15
INDEX 00 47:05:10
INDEX 01 52:05:32

Now when I mount it, it thinks track 11 is 9:34 long. (INDEX 01 for TRACK 12 minus INDEX 01 for track 11). Shouldn't it use INDEX00 from TRACK 12 for this calculation?

In case anyone's wondering, in a non-computer CD player (ie ghetto blaster) track 11 is indeed 4:34.

Also, the original CD in a computer CDROM drive shows track 11 as 9:34.

So my two questions are: How should PREGAP/POSTGAP be used in a cue file, and why isn't INDEX 00 being properly handled in Daemon tools. (Unless that's the correct behaviour, in which case, what is INDEX 00 for?)

15.04.2005, 20:22
Every PREGAP command specifies software silence which is NOT part of wav file (virtual drive will generate 0 in software)
Every INDEX value is the value of index relative from start of FILE, not how it will look on final disc in TOC. And it does NOT include any software PREGAPs.
Hope this gived you a clue. What you did is indeed 9 min track.

15.04.2005, 20:29
Thanks for the reply! I kinda thought that PREGAP was assumed silence, and shouldn't be included in the WAV file.

Ok. Any idea how I'd get the correct (in terms of what a real CD player sees) rip? (On a CD player, track 11 plays for 4:33, and then plays track 12. It doesn't play the 5 minute gap for some reason.)

I'll forward this bug in Plextools Pro XL to plextools support. Do you by any chance have a web site or some kind of reference to give them? I hate telling companys that their software should behave this way, just because I think (or someone else tells me) its wrong.