View Full Version : Possible for companies to upgrade their securom in patches?

30.01.2003, 23:02
hey, well a new warcraft 3 patch just came out, (ran fine with d-tools 3.23 for well over 4months) right after the new patch (1.05) came out its acting wierd, only loading sometimes, says insert cd alot. so i was wondering if its possible for blizzard ot update their securom version by a patch? and if so will downloading a new version of d-tools fix the problem im having? btw im using a backup copy and have securom emulation enabled. thanks

30.01.2003, 23:26
Yeah, that's exactly it, they upgraded it on the fly... I dont know technically *how* they could do it, but, I could tell it was securom because of the clokspl logo on boot. I upgraded to DT3.29 and i'm set ;)

30.01.2003, 23:28
heh quite interesting i installed 3.26 and it works fine now, heh i read on bnet forums ppl were complaning about no cd problems and someoen posted that they upgraded securom to 4.8x heh so for anyone with this problem just upgrade d-tools

30.01.2003, 23:29
heh actually it still gives me problems. gonna try 3.29

30.01.2003, 23:33
wierd, still giving me problems. it loads fine but 1 out of ever 3 or 4 tries it says insert cd. anyone know anything aobut this?

31.01.2003, 04:59
First of all, warcraft 3 is protected by securom 4.8x, which means you need physical information (mds). You should also not need any emulations enabled.

Second, afaik, clokspl is not associated with securom, but is associated with Safedisc 1.

Third, we will for sure investigate this possible blacklist.

31.01.2003, 07:35
same for me here... I changed the vendor name and model in d-tools 3.29 but it still does not load everytime. I tried the original CD and it loads without a problem. I use a backup .ccd image with securerom enabled...

31.01.2003, 09:04
Warcraft III used SecuROM 4.68.x, which was still sub-channel based.

31.01.2003, 09:07
@copytrooper: thanks, venom already pointed out my error. I don't own the game, so I was going by second hand info.

31.01.2003, 20:42
they updated the securom in their patch

31.01.2003, 20:57
well actually im not sure what it is, but it loads without any emulation just takes forever, with securom emu enabled if it does load its fast

31.01.2003, 20:58
oh by the way i use emulation, i dont use mounted images, i have a backup cd and i am running it off of my cd drive