View Full Version : DT installs and then uninstalls itself, leaving all drivers

18.04.2005, 22:36
Operating System: Windows XP sp1a
Burning Software: CDBurnerXP Pro
Anti-virus Software: Sophos Sweep
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I've tried to install DT several times now. Everytime I install it goes all the way through the installation, installs the drivers and files, puts the shortcut on the desktop. Then it undoes the installation, except for the drivers which is leaves there. I've just reinstalled windows, but have had DT installed fine on the same machine with the same OS before.

When trying to reinstall DT I've deleted all the drivers as per the instructions in the 'How to uninstall DaemonTools drivers' thread in the common problems section.

Any one able to help?

System specs:
MSI K7N2 ILSR (nForce2)
nVidia FX5200
1gb of Crucial RAM
Pioneer DVR-MCC
80gb SATA drive (Seagate) & 120gb IDE hdd (Hitachi)

18.04.2005, 22:48
What error message to you get (incl. complete error code)?

18.04.2005, 22:53
Sorry, should have specified that. I don't get any error message. None at all. The installer thinks it has done a installation and prompts me to reboot. I reboot to a system with all the Daemontools drivers installed, but no program directory in my program files directory. My windows installation is on D: not C:, but I can't see that being a problem?

About half way through the installation the desktop shortcut appears and then near the end it disappears.

Thanks for the quick response. :)

18.04.2005, 23:11
Please do a logged installation and send the daemon.log to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.