View Full Version : D-tools not working right for securom 4.8x (Warcraft 3 1.05)

31.01.2003, 02:16
Well, i made a topic earlier about companies implementing new securom versions on patches, well blizzard did just that and it seems as if d-tools 3.29 doesnt completely work right wiht it, it only loads 75% of the time, it still works but it is alittle annoying

31.01.2003, 08:42
You mean playing from virtual drive or from CD-R with Securom emulation?

31.01.2003, 20:41

04.02.2003, 11:47
yes, i have the same problem, i have war3 cdimage in my d-tools, but 25% of time it said can't find the cd, but it's ok after click on retry few times, today i try to make another cdimage using blindwrite, i even build the BWA file....but i still have the same problem

04.02.2003, 12:22
Can you mail me war3.exe, so I can check? I am unable to reproduce the issue with German Warcraft III 1.05 - CloneCD backup, or mounted image in either Alcohol or Daemon Tools virtual drive does always work for me.

16.02.2003, 12:14
i had the same prob i used alcohol 120% there is a link on here somewhere talking about the new 4.8x and alcohol. just follow those instructions and it works fine, or atleast did for me. i did have the loading prob with old clonecd image only loading about 20% of the time before but now everytime. OH ALSO make sure that ALL emulations are disabled and it works otherwise it doesn't. does that mean wc3 has blacklisted daemon-tools??

16.02.2003, 12:54
Obviously Daemon Tools SecuROM emulation is blacklisted by SecuROM again. It is checked and will be fixed in an upcoming Daemon Tools version.