View Full Version : Daemon tools 247 installation.

19.04.2005, 20:42
Operating System: Windows Xp Pro
Burning Software: None
Anti-virus Software: Antivir, Zonealarm (disabled cus it sucks)
DAEMON Tools Version: 377

Hi, glad if you can help me.
Downloaded D-tools 347, installed, computer restarted. Now have an error message: Some driver has invalid name or conflicts with other file or system in service, please choose other driver names or make sure you have rebooted after removal of software using same names."

Now, i have read many posts along these lines, attempted all the solutions possible, and still it fails to like me. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

19.04.2005, 21:05

My apologies. I have fixed it now. Silly me did not delete prvious drivers from the Regedit.

Sorry for any inconvenience i have caused.