View Full Version : Blindwrite plugin

21.04.2005, 08:04
Operating System: WinXP Pro SP2
Burning Software: NERO, Alcohol
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

my apologies in case this has been asked before, but I've not been able to find it so far.

Where can I get an updated plugin for bW5 images? It seems to be existing as I've read about it in some threads.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

21.04.2005, 11:01
Email andareed@daemon-tools.cc and include your broken b5t file (I assume that is why you want new version of plugin).

22.04.2005, 00:22
Well, the last version (i got around to trying it in the meantime) gave what has been said at least once before: DT will no longer give 'invalid image' errors and will mount but the image will then not look to windows like a 'valid' disk does (means: 'Nope, dunno what that is, but most certainly nothing CD- or DVD-like as i know it'.