View Full Version : Found a solution to d347bus.sys error!!!!!!

21.04.2005, 19:05
I have been checking this forum for some time now in hope of finding a solution to d347bus.sys errors when rebooting after installing Daemon 3.47.

I have finally found a solution which was actually quite simple.

About a year ago i tried to installed napster and my system crashed during the install. I think it had something to do with ROXIO drivers being incompatable with Daemon tools drivers now!!!

Anyway, I don't have roxio installed on my computer but you would not belive how much roxio install files are left behind once you remove it!

I have just used Roxizap on my machine to remove all roxio drivers and hey presto Daemon tools works like magic again.

You can get a copy from here if you want to try it.


Good luck to all those suffering the same problem as me and I hope it sorts out your problem.


21.04.2005, 19:11
The problem is that Roxio drivers come with WMP, too - so you don't need to install Roxio software to have their buggy drivers in system.
And please post into the correct forum ;)

21.04.2005, 19:51
Apologies, I was just trying to tell the world as quickly as possible!