View Full Version : rmps emulation windows 10 no longer support ?

18.10.2018, 12:38
I have made a a backup copy of a cd works fine with alochol 120% installed on windows 8 with rmps emulation check off but i am on windows 10 as well on another computer and need to get the rmps emulation working has anyone find a a way of doing this ?

18.10.2018, 16:57

DAEMON Tools doesn't support RMPS in Windows 10. This includes all CD-R media emulations: RMPS, Hide-CDR, Safedisc, Securom. Laser lock.

In Windows 10 all this stuff was dropped due to several reasons:
a) kernel architecture of Windows 10 has changed significantly with the focus to security, and hooking physical CDROM devices has become much more difficult and less safe;
b) almost nobody uses CD-R/RW media anymore to play or backup games, and it is much faster and easier to have 1:1 image of original on a hard disk, especially if you take in account size of today's HDDs.

So, if you need to emulate protected disc. it better use previous Windows OS, like Win 7. In this case emulation of a protected disc will be successful.