View Full Version : Warcraft III Blacklist and Others...

31.01.2003, 05:23
I am just wondering how exactly do companies blacklist daemon tools. Do they simply put a code that recognizes the vendor name "Generic" and refuses to load anything with that name, or do they look at something else? If they only look at the vendor code to blacklist, then shouldn't it be easy to workaround it by simply changing the vendor name? In the case of Warcraft III, I canged BOTH the vendor name AND the model name in d-tools 3.29, but I am still having problems. So, when all is said and done, I just want to know what aspect of d-tools do these gaming companies use to "identify" a user as using d-tools, and therefore able to blacklist this particular "identity"? :roll:
ps: I used the original CD to play and it runs with no problems, so it must be blacklist related.

31.01.2003, 07:44
No, they probably do not look at generic (as this is a VERY common name). In the past, they have looked at the name of the driver (under SCSI, or other places). Of course, I won't say much else; wouldn't want to give sony any ideas :twisted: