View Full Version : How can I disable new updates check?

11.11.2018, 13:20

I'd like to know how I can disable the check for new updates.

Please let me know.


DAEMON Tools Lite 10.8
Windows 10 LTSB 2016

12.11.2018, 16:46

Settings - General - uncheck "Notify" about news and special offer. This option is available for ver 10.9.

In general notifications show in 2 cases:
- In case you got some trial features that were expired;
- A new version of DTLite is available to install.

So, please update to newest version to disable update notification. also latest version has separate option to disable notifications.

18.04.2019, 16:30

There is no option to disable updates checks, it checks once per day. But you may uncheck notification regarding new offer and versions to skip notifications coming up via agent. In case your installed version is not the latest one, you will receive a request to update once a day. Note that updates are good, bringing new feature and fixing major(minor) problems.

Please, also, do not block license verification creating Windows Firewall rules to block the connection as you mentioned, it could occur license verification problems.