View Full Version : BSOD w/Windows XP SP-1 and DT 3.29

31.01.2003, 06:54

I have multiple PC's running multiple configurations with D-Tools and absolutly find it necessary for my daily computer use. I have a Dell Laptop (Windows XP/SP-1) Which runs it fine, a Gigabyte 8I-EXP which runs it fine, and two computers that will not run it when upgraded to windows XP SP-1 at all.

It is these machines that bother me. I am sitting here on my newly upgraded machine and I get a BSOD when trying to load any image in Dtools or Alcohol 120% for that matter... System Specs are:

Gigabyte P4Titan667 Motherboard (GA-8PE667) (INTEL 845PE Chipset)
512mb Samsung PC2700 DDR SDRAM
80gb Maxtor 7200 RPM HDD
MSI Geforce 4 Ti4400 128mb ViVo Video Card
Yamaha 44x22x44
Toshiba 16X DVD-R
Linksys 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Card
Enermax 365Watt P/S

Fresh install of Windows XP w/Daemon Tools 3.29 and all supporting drivers loaded (Video/Lan/Sound/Intel Update)
No Blue Screen

As soon as I Install XP SP-1
BSOD (On Mounting of any image)

Other machines Specs that is giving me hastles:

Asus A7V266 (Via KT266 Chipset)
256mb Samsung PC2100 DDR SDRAM
AMD Athlon 1600XP
Geforce 2 MX400 64MB
Toshiba 12X CD-Rom
80gb MAxtor 7200 RPM Hard drive
3COM Etherlink 905TX Ethernet Card
Enermax 365Watt P/S

Same exact problem, XP-SP-1 and BSOD.. no SP-1 = FINE.


I kinda gave up on the AMD Machine thinking it was a VIA issue, and didn't like AMD becuase of this, now I think it is something different, I have tried as some people suggested Changing Windows XP to "STANDARD" instead of "APCI UNIPROCESSOR PC" and this did not solve my problem. Only solid way I can solve the problem is not to install XP Sp-1....

Does anyone have a 845PE Chipset Mainboard (Preferably ASUS) That works with daemon tools and SP-1 XP?.. I'd like to know the merchant is letting me exchange the new board with a new one... I can't believe more people dont have problems like this.

I thought It could also be the network card doing it, but each machine is using a different brand I have tested other cards with the same problem, I will have to print the report cause it reboots even If I tick the non reboot portion, will gladly upload the dumps from my system. Hope someone has some insight into the problem...

I hope someone has experienced this problem and can offer some insight.



31.01.2003, 07:46
Have you tried installing sp1 THEN d-tools. I am running winxp-sp1, and have no problems...

31.01.2003, 09:56
I have tried everything (have reformatted at least 4-5 times) no matter what I do I get BSOD if I try to mount a image, If I install d-tools prior to upgrading or after.


31.01.2003, 18:22
is there a integrated soundchip on-board? try to disable your onboard Soundchip in BIOS!! And remove the Sounddrivers, than test again!