View Full Version : Virtual SCSI Driver

24.04.2005, 15:54
Operating System: XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 5.0.146
DAEMON Tools Version: NA

Ok, fist off: THANK YOU for this great software!

Here's the history of events leading to current problem:

System was installed with Daemon-Tools 3.47 prior to any problem
Installed Stronghold 2
Got blacklisted
Installed Anti-Blax
Played Stronghold 2
Tried to start DT 3.47 : Error (Sorry no log of error number)
Reinstalled DT 3.47 : Error (Sorry no log of error number)
Followed procedure for manual uninstall (25002)

After this point I tried to install many times DT 3.47 and got at one point or another all these errors:


Also tried the registry trick of removing DENY permissions.

Reinstalled XP SP1
Did manual uninstall
Installed DT 3.41 : Got package error (no log of error number)
Now, whenever I boot up or/and try to launch DT, I get this:

Virtual SCSI driver not detected

And when I look at my Device Manager, I have no SCSI group. My question is:

How can I manually install the SCSI drivers? And will this fix my problem?

Thank you for your kind support.