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25.04.2005, 01:14
i'm a neewie, so please be gental lol. My DVD issue is this. I have recently brought a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109, i played a DVD through windows media player 10 with the aid of NVIDIA Decoders and it worked once and wont work again (CD ROM's work fine). it pickes up that it is a DVD in My Computer, but in media player it comes up "unknown DVD" and has no noise and no picture, just a black screen. Nero ShowTime comes up with a message telling me "Internal error Cannot build graph. The application may be installed incorrectly" (i have uninstalled it , reinstalled it and rebooted several times still the same thing).
i have new Firmware from Pioneer, upgraded my BIOS, i have changed the DVD from slave to master and unpluged my Samsung CD burner (in case there was a clash there)hell at 4am i went to the extream of re-formatting my hard drive and starting from scratch, and heres a kicker, it worked again "once" (alowing me to play one store rented DVD from start to finish), but went to put in the second DVD and the damn thing returned back to the origanal problem ARGHHH.
Please someone help before this issue sends me old before my time :?: