View Full Version : Help!How Can I restore a USB IMG to USB?

22.11.2018, 06:41
I Saw that Daemon Tools PRO can grab USB image and burn the image back to USB
How can I do it at Daemon Tools Ultra?All I can see is grab USB image, and I can't find where to burn it back

22.11.2018, 09:10

If you meaning creating SD card with img file, then this option is over here -https://ultra.daemon-help.com/tools/writeimageusb/

23.11.2018, 01:14
Hmmm, I mean copy the SD card like using .img files, not a Bootable USB.
In DT Pro right click the USB devices have options write to USB-device or read from USB-device.
but in DT Ultra only can read or create a Bootable USB. A Data USB after grab the img files, No Way to write to another USB devices.
Like DVD Image burn back to physical DVD. I don't know why this function show in Pro but can't find in Ultra,and I purchased the Ultra KEY, BUT I need to use this function