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25.11.2018, 15:40
Can anyone please help, I am using Daemons tool lite latest version and when i trie to mount virtual drive SCSI it displays a error saying: Insufficient resources to create target connection. Any fix for that please? I am using windows 10.

26.11.2018, 16:00

Do you have KB4462933 (KB4467686) update installed recently? The SCSI device stopped adding after this latest update.
We will investigate this issue and release hot fix. You can use IDE virtual drive currently for Advance emulation. Or remove the KB4462933 (KB4467686) update for SCSI devices using, it will work either.
Basically, it's an MS problem caused by some specific update. Not only DT has a similar problem with SCSI devices. MS claims that they will fix this problem with the next local KB or resume ver. 1809 update. We also post this issue description in the Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/notes/daemon-tools-software-community/scsi-devices-in-windows-10-kb4462933/10156615732910049/?__tn__=-R) account.