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Top Secret
26.04.2005, 15:01
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: Nero startsmart
Anti-virus Software: Norman
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When i try to install daemon tools 3.47 i got this:

Device Setup error: code 25009 (0x61b1), -536870389 (0xE000020b). Contact your support personnel.

I know that many people have same problem but this is different problem.
because it does not start working if i

Clean all Temp folders
Remove daemon tools registry files
Run registry cleaner (Easy cleaner and tune up utillities)
Type in search "daemon tools" and remove all
change driver names in the install
remove all daemon tools files.

i have tried nearly everything but it does not start working! :( :( :(


Ps. Sorry my english is not wery good i'm from finish.

Pps. Because of this my alcohol 120% does not work too.

26.04.2005, 15:11
You've to check registry permissions. Either you or a program you use(d) changed registry permissions.

Top Secret
26.04.2005, 15:15
How i can check that?

26.04.2005, 15:28
With regedt32.