View Full Version : Rome Total War ver. 1.2

02.05.2005, 04:31
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Burning Software: Alcohol 120% 1.4.8 Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 8.07
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I have recently patched Rome: Total War to version 1.2, but to my great surprise, the cd image that I have been using seems not to work anymore, because when the game is launched, it detects the cd - emulation software and refuses to load. The solution in the Activision support is simple: do not use simulation software. Is there any way to prevent the game from detection Daemon Tools? Any help will be welcomed.

02.05.2005, 08:41
Install the newest version of Alcohol 120%, your version will probably be recognized by the updated copy protection.

02.05.2005, 15:09
I upgraded Alcohol to ver. 1.9.5, but the problem remains the same.

02.05.2005, 15:14
Disable CloneCD's Hide CD-R media function and tray.

03.05.2005, 03:52
Well, that last hint actually solved trhe problem. Thanks.

12.05.2005, 19:51
Operating System: xppro
Burning Software: alc120
Anti-virus Software: MCA
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

what if you do not have clone cd on your comp? I'm running into the same problem after patching RTW to version 1.2.

12.05.2005, 21:36
I didnÒ‘t have Clone Cd, but after installing it and disabling that option, the game worked. How is that, I don't know.[/quote]