View Full Version : SafeDisk V2 problem

Franz Oktoberfest
31.01.2003, 23:32
Hello together,

I'm trying to make a personal copy from my daughter's Sims "Hot Date" CD. It is protected by SafeDisk V2 according to Clony xxl. 5 sculls and reading through this page I thought clone CD should cope with it alright. But by now I tried everything: Blindwrite, ******** and CloneCD but without success. In order to reduce the wasted CDRs I have started to burn images and use them with the Daemon Tools but that doesn't work either.
I think I read all manuals as well.

Do have any idea that could help me or is there no help for me? (snif)


01.02.2003, 00:19
Depends on your writer - if it canÒ‘t write the weak sectors used by SafeDisc2 try Daemon Tools fast dump feature (see manual for details) to create an image, write the image to cd-r, and play with enabled SafeDisc emulation - will work for sure.

09.07.2003, 16:06
use clone cd:
1 detect protection with clonyxxl
2start clonecd from clonyxxl
3make sure u change nothing in the option if it sais clony_xxl in a mark leave it as it is dat is wat is da important thing to copy hot date!!!

4 play like hell!!!

if i doesnt work den u got problems ma friend!