View Full Version : Uninstalled Daemon Tools -> Now can't play DVDs

04.05.2005, 05:05
Operating System: XP Home
Burning Software: Windows Media Player v9, Sonic RecordNow! v7.3
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free v7.0.308
DAEMON Tools Version: Uhh its uninstalled

I uninstalled Daemon Tools and now CDs still work, but DVDs don't. The drive just makes a weird noise (does the same thing when I stick CDs in but the CDs work eventually) and then tells me "Please insert a disk into Drive D:"

Help? :(

04.05.2005, 08:49
Weird noises are for sure not Daemon Tools uninstallation-related. Seems your drive died.

04.05.2005, 10:51
Aye, but it still works for CDs? And I can still copy CDs. Ignore the weird noises and what could be the problem? I don't have seperate CD and DVD drives so if it died surely neither would work.

I only had Daemon tools installed for about an hour.
Before I installed -> Drive works perfectly, its brand new after all.
After I uninstalled -> The problems mentioned.

If it matters, it is a:
Phillips DVD+-RW DVD8631
(16x DVD +/- RW with Dual Layer Write Capabilities)

04.05.2005, 11:15
Noise points to some mechanical problem.
CD and DVD use different laser wavelength, so maybe just one path died.

05.05.2005, 05:37
Ignore the weird noises and what could be the problem?

05.05.2005, 09:24
Can NOT ignore them :!:

05.05.2005, 10:37
I reinstalled Daemon Tools and the DVD Drive now works perfectly.

How do I uninstall and keep it that way?